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Zarand Pipe and Profile Rolling Company
Zarand Pipe and Profile Rolling Company
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Start of management project under the name of research project

The inaugural meeting of the second phase of the knowledge management project was held under the title of research project of documenting and sharing organizational experiences, hosted by the special services management of the National Iranian Drilling Company.

According to the public relations of the National Iranian Drilling Company, the executor of this project, which has been presented by the research, technology and construction engineering management of the company, is Shahid Beheshti University.

According to this management, the project implementation period is 9 months, and at present, the software installation process on the company’s Data Base has been completed and entered the implementation phase in the pilot.

In this meeting, which was held with the presence of Mehdi Arshian, Director of Research, Technology and Construction Engineering, Ali Daghayeghi, Director of Special Drilling Services and a number of heads of departments under these departments, the purpose of the project is to establish a knowledge management system to document and share knowledge. The company’s employees were named.

In this meeting, Dr. Peyman Jalili, project manager and representative of Shahid Beheshti University, said: “In the knowledge management system, each person has the ability to register their lessons in their own name, and all users or employees can be informed of the approved lessons learned by their colleagues.” In this way, while motivating the employees, the efforts and activities of the personnel are seen and recorded.

He stated: “Through this software, the managements will check their capacities and will have access to these capacities, and points will be awarded to the experiences of the employees.”

The director of special services of the company also said about the capabilities of this group: “This management is implementing its programs by experts and specialists, and due to various specialized activities with a large geographical area, we need to document these activities.”

Ali Daghayeghi added: “In this project, the information and knowledge of the employees are documented, and in the following years, young engineers and employees can use the information of the company’s veteran experts. In addition, active and elite employees can be used in the scoring section of this system.” Appreciate the company.

Also, the director of research, technology and construction engineering of the company said: considering the importance and approach to knowledge management in the world, this project was defined by these matters and after being called and during the legal process, a research contract was signed with Shahid Beheshti University. For the first time in the companies affiliated to the National Iranian Oil Company in the National Iranian Drilling Company.

Mehdi Arshian added: the aforementioned software is used to collect and disseminate the experiences and technical knowledge of employees, and active employees are separated from inactive employees and cause more motivation among employees.

He added: “The first phase of the project, including reviewing the conditions and organizational maturity of the company in the field of knowledge management and software installation, was implemented in May, and in the next phase of the project, a pilot needed to be appointed to implement the project.” Significant added value of activities as well as high level of education and expertise, management of special drilling services was selected and we hope the whole organization will benefit from its positive results.

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